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English Setters  (Bitches) Gordon Setters  (Bitches) Beagle  (Bitch)

Bournefield Je t’Adore

Bournefield Lady Letice

Bournefield Nice to Meet You

Bournefield Poetry in Motion

Bournefield Never Lose Faith

Bourne Field of the Gordon Castle

Kiki Dee of the Heath Lake

Bournefield Olivia Newton John

English Setters  (Dogs) Gordon Setters  (Dogs) Irish Red Setters  (Dogs)

Quality Boy of Slow Fox

Veni Vidi Vici of Slow Fox

Bournefield Lord of Love

Bournefield Purple Rain

Bournefield I’m Your Man

Bournefield Inferno

Bournefield Knock-Out

Flannans Amore

Giro of the Chicken Farm

Bournefield has stopped breeding Sussex Spaniels, but we’re very proud of all the dogs who carried (& still carry) our name.

  Sussex Spaniels  (Dogs)  

Bournefield Dandy Boy

Bournefield Flamboyant

Dusty Boysson Bohemia

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