Lommel (B) CAC  June  8  2013
Judge: J.Verrees

English Setters:
Summer               Summer en Lettice
            Bournefield Je t’Adore ”Summer”                  Bournefield Je t’Adore ”Summer” & Bournefield Lady Lettice

  Bournefield Je t’Adore:
Excellent 1, CAC, BOB
  Bournefield Lady Lettice:
Excellent 1, junior BOB
  Bournefield Lord of Love: Excellent 1
Gordon Setters:
Knocks en Jules
Bournefield Knockout ”Knocks” & Bournefield Lady Juliette ”Jules”

  Bournefield Knockout:

Excellent 1, CAC, BOB
(co-owned by B. Akkermans)
  Bournefield Lady Juliette:
Excellent 1, junior BOB
Knocks en Idle
Bournefield Knockout ”Knocks” en Bournefield Idle ”Idle”

  Bournefield Idle: Excellent 1, CAC, BOS
Irish Setters:
  Itas of Funny Home: Excellent 2

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