’ Amor James ’

13/06/2001  -  24/06/2013

Amor James Bournefield. The name was yours and yours only.
Never before have we had a dog that was as gentle, amiable and loving. Our teddy bear! But you were more than Amor, you were also James: alert, reliable, inquisitive and always prepared to guard your family. In your better days you were sometimes up to mischief and then we called you Bournefield. Because of all your qualities to kiss you good-bye burdened our heart, but we had to set aside our grief and think of you, only you. You were not a prize winner, but to us you were and will always remain the one and only champion. The void you leave behind you cannot be filled, because you were unique. The remembrance of you is not as nice as reality, as the life we shared with you.
We miss you and you’ll always have that particular place in our heart!


Amor James

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