’ Magic ’

27/07/06 (Ch. Jack Pot of Slow Fox x Bournefield Amber)

HD KC/BVA hipscore: 6:3
BAER: normal/normal

  • International Show Champion
  • International Champion
  • German Champion (VDH)
  • Belgian Champion
  • Dutch Champion
  • Luxembourg Junior Champion
  • Luxembourg Champion
 Ch. Jack Pot of Slow Fox 
 Ch. Bournehouse Stormy Sea 
 Bournehouse Heart to Heart 
 Bournehouse Sea of Love 
 Ch. Fun Factory of Slow Fox 
 Ch. Bournehouse Rock Star 
 Ch. Can Can Call Girl of Slow Fox 
 Ch. Bournefield Amber   Ch. Bournehouse Rock Star   Bournehouse Rocky Road 
 Bournehouse Fancy Feather 
 Ch. Ferrysett Silhouette   Colverset Costner 
 Ferrysett Dancing Passion 

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