Showing dogs is a game, breeding dogs is an Art

Bournefields who became Champion


     Yeats W.B      























     Her Majesty      

     I’m Your Man      


     I’ve Arrived      


     Je t’Adore      


     Kiss me Luck      


     Lady Letice      

     Lord of Love      

     Nice to Meet You      


Not born, but loved &campaigned to their titles @Bournefield

     Creswelshaw Trapper of Oldfield      

     Ferrysett Silhouette      

     Sinder van de Volmolen      

     Tiffany van de Volmolen      

     Tanah van de Volmolen      

     Camelot’s Prince Flim-Flam-Man      

     Indian Summer of Slow Fox      

     Jack Pot of Slow Fox      

     Beauty Boysson Bohemia      

     James Kelvin from Fire Son’s Garden      

     Quality Boy of Slow Fox      

     Simply The Best of Slow Fox      

     Veni Vidi Vici of Slow Fox      


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